Are we agile and ready for the new recruitment world post Lockdown?

While eating a large piece of homemade madeira cake it struck me ……… will my clients recruit the talent they need as their business changes coming out of lockdown? How many slices will they need to eat (metaphor for candidates to meet) before they find the right one?

The question we are all asking this week- what will life be like after lockdown? How we will go back to work and how will we approach communication with our colleagues in the same office/building?

As a business how will you source the right people you need without compromising the health of your employees? How will you make a job offer with increased exposure to the COVID19 virus as you interview potential candidates?

You will need to fill new roles that evolve as your business adapts to the changes following lockdown but can this be done without actually meeting someone?

There is no doubt that we all need to brace for change and prepare for a world of long- term video interviewing with hiring managers that may be working remotely from home. At what point do you face to face meet someone you might want to offer a role and how do you manage this with social distancing?

Firstly, acceptance is needed from your recruiter and hiring managers that post COVID19 recruitment landscape is very different and that recruiters can no longer do what they have always done. Your recruitment consultant will no longer be able to ‘pop’ in for a chat either planned or off the cuff  as they were ‘ in the area’ ( Hurrah you say at least they can’t just keep turning up uninvited)

Is your Recruiter offering Innovation, adaptation to the situation and refocused to recruit less roles but with more depth especially for you?

You will need to rely on your personal recruiter more than ever to REALLY know you and REALLY understand your business and the person you are looking for. You will need them to be available to meet you face to face on video, engage, ask the right questions and be flexible to fit in around your schedule.

You need your recruitment person/consultant to get it right, first time, screen all the candidates and then present ‘THE shortlist’ for you to meet on video.

With the increased danger of meeting strangers as a possible threat you can only meet one candidate face to face.

You must have the confidence to know that when you are waving at a second interview from 2 metres away in a large meeting space that you are not compromising your all important health as well as your valuable time.

Are we all agile and ready to adapt to recruitment in the new world?

17th April 2020

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