LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion in the workplace

Recently Helen attended a very informative LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion in the workplace webinar, delivered by Nancy Kelly – Stonewall CEO, via the Dorset Chamber which really struck a cord.
Many employers are keen on creating an LGBTQ+ inclusive workplace. However, good intentions alone are not enough to instil an inclusive culture and practical actions are required to achieve inclusivity. During Pride Month, many large companies take the opportunity to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community in
many ways but creating a genuinely inclusive culture means taking year-round action.
What I learnt is that it’s important to have inclusive leadership,
acknowledge LGBTQ+ colleagues and have role models within the business so that people can be safe and out and so they don’t worry that they wont get that promotion. To have visible confident allies in the organisation will help empower and support others, not just LGBTQ+ leaders, we must focus on allyship even if there is no senior LGBTQ+ leader.
It is important to make a difference by talking about LGBTQ+
inclusivity in the work place. We all need to get our HR policies right, be inclusive, never assume about people or their families and let people tell us who they are. Listen and learn, listen to what LGBTQ+ employees and clients say, feedback is key.
Stonewall gives lots of support to SME’s and diversity champions.
Inclusion is good for the business bottom line and is good for people and organisations where everyone can shine. Inclusive work places change society to break down homophobia. If we work with a LGBTQ+ person it will encourage everyone to be inclusive and a progressive culture.
We need to think about why it’s important to attract and retain
LGBTQ+ employees. We need to be inclusive and expansive, consider the images and the language we use, that way employees feel more welcome when they join organisations. 
Do not exclude people – DON’T ASSUME! Listen and reflect it back, we must demonstrate that we are proud of our diversity as it sends the right message.
More diverse teams are more effective, more positive and
inclusive, we need to have shared values.
Organisations also need to think about how to support young people who are often open at University and go back in the closet when they enter the workplace. There are more younger LGBTQ+ people in our community, half of them identify as a mix of LGBTQ+ and there is a lot of new language out there, we
need to listen to them and make it clear that we are diverse.
We have an aging population, how can we support older members of the LGBTQ+ community? Companies could attend Pride events and be visible and engaged and take the work family into the LGBTQ+ community to build bridges and open doors.
We all need to make the work environment a safe place to come to and come out in which will in turn drive the right behaviour.

30th November 2021

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