Recruiters take on a new role as lockdown takes effect

A Dorset recruitment firm has launched a new service to help businesses support employees being made redundant because of coronavirus.

Oyster Recruitment has started its Outplacement Service for companies which have reluctantly had to let people go due to the economic impact of the lockdown.

The bespoke new service – the first of its kind in Dorset – provides personal and practical assistance for employees to help them face redundancy and find new jobs.

It includes video calls and webinars with one to one and group sessions as well as expert advice about CV writing, personal branding, mental and physical health, job searches, applications and video interviews.

Poole-based Oyster, launched in 2019 by two experienced recruitment professionals, started the new service in response to demand from clients.

Karen Brodie, who founded the firm with Helen Purbrick, said: “It has become clear that employers have begun to feel the ripple effect of the lockdown.

“Sometimes redundancies are unavoidable but many employers recognise the value of helping staff work through personal hurdles and approach the jobs market with the skills to allow them to move to pastures new.

“Achieving positive outcomes in this way also helps maintain morale and the organisation’s culture within the remaining workforce.

“Outplacement has also been shown to protect a company’s reputation and reduce the risk of disputes as employees feel supported in their transition.

“Ultimately, the aim is to ensure those employees being made redundant leave in the strongest position possible with the right skills, a positive mindset and the confidence to apply when a new position arises.”

Karen added: “We launched the new outplacement service in response to enquiries from employers.

“It is the first outplacement service of its kind in Dorset, and can play a crucial role in giving people the best possible chance in the most competitive jobs market that we have seen for decades.”

Bournemouth-based Trinity HR, which has collaborated with Oyster previously, welcomed the launch of the new service.

Director Janell White said: “Outplacement support can be life-changing.

“It can literally be the difference between an employee securing their next position relatively quickly or facing unemployment for several months, whilst simultaneously managing the mental health aspects such as depression, anxiety and stress.

“For employers, there are advantages too.  Offering exiting employees outplacement will not only protect your brand and reputation but it will also provide your exiting employees with the best chance possible at succeeding.”

As well as outplacement, Oyster specialises in permanent, temporary and contract recruitment services for individuals and businesses.

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PICTURE: JUST THE JOB: Oyster Recruitment directors Karen Brodie, left, and Helen Purbrick, right.

3rd June 2020

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