Santa was determined to be known as a good equal opportunities employer

My all-time favourite card received this year,

‘Santa was determined to be known as a good Equal Opportunities Employer.’

Our new government is more diverse than ever seen before, of 365 MP’s, 215 went to local comprehensive schools, there are 89 women, and 8 under the age of 30.

Among the 650 MPs recently elected there are at least 45 who are openly gay, lesbian or bisexual.

One in ten elected this year are non-white. Ten years ago, just one in 40 MPs was non-white, according to research by the think tank British Future.

As we move into 2020 the year that will take us away from the national paralysis that suddenly feels as if it is over, with Brexit around the corner, I feel a surge of positivity from business and clients about their growth and recruitment in the coming year.

With the launch of Oyster Recruitment in January 2020 alongside my new business partner Helen Purbrick. I am excited that where there has been hesitation to recruit staff and invest in growth this has now been replaced with a new dawn of optimism and that 2020 will bring the reassurance and confidence needed for UK wide business to invest.

Happy Christmas to my clients and candidates and wishing you a Prosperous 2020.

20th December 2019

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