Take That Break!

This blog “TAKE THAT BREAK” was written by our lovely Senior Administrator, Kelly, with everyone’s mental health in mind:

Struggling to find time for regular breaks or even your lunch? Do you often catch yourself munching away at your desk? When you’re swamped with tasks and the day seems too short, unplugging from work can feel like a challenge. But here’s why it’s crucial to step back and take that break! ⛔

🥗 Lunch breaks are essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance and practicing self-care. Our bodies need refuelling to sustain energy levels throughout the day otherwise, fatigue, irritability and decreased concentration creep in. Taking a breather can lower stress levels and prevent that mid-afternoon burnout. Stepping away from your desk allows you to recharge, refresh your mindset, and boost productivity, focus, and creativity 🧠

🚫 Try and avoid eating at your desk. Eating at your desk isn’t just a productivity buzzkill, it can also lead to unhealthy snacking habits and create discomfort for nearby co-worker’s. Research shows that computer keyboards can harbour significantly more bacteria than toilet seats, making it all the more crucial to steer clear of dining at your workspace🤢

👥 Ever experienced the fear of missing out (FoMO)? Lunch breaks provide valuable opportunities for socialising and building relationships with colleagues. Engaging in casual conversations fosters camaraderie, teamwork, and mutual support, contributing to a positive work environment 🙌

In essence, taking a lunch break isn’t just about satisfying hunger, it’s a chance to prioritise physical and mental well-being, enhance productivity, foster social connections, and ultimately boost job satisfaction😄

So, remember to TAKE THAT BREAK! 🕒

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16th February 2024

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