Lauren Harris

My love of recruitment actually started around 15 years ago… yes, I know I don’t look old enough 😉

Straight out of high school I started working in Retail and quickly progressed to management. It was in retail management that I was first introduced into the work of recruitment. I really enjoyed interviewing a candidate that had applied for one role and discovering whilst interviewing that they were more suited for another position. When I lost the love for retail management, I decided to make the move into recruitment, and I have never looked back.

In 2013 I jumped into Technical/Engineering and had no idea what I was recruiting for! With help of colleagues and google I swiftly discovered that I had a talent for matching skills, requirements and of course the all-important team fit. I started with temporary recruitment and later branched in to recruiting for permanent roles. In my nearly 8 years of recruitment, I have been working blue and white collar positions and love the challenge of filling a role with the right candidate.

I know I have done a job well done when candidates that I placed nearly 7 years ago are still working for the same client! I love the thrill of finding a CV, calling the candidate and putting them forward knowing they are great for the role. And that the client and candidate are going be 110% satisfied that they have had the best service possible.

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