What is Outplacement and why is it beneficial when making redundancies?

Watching the news this week, we can see that employers have begun to feel the ripple effect of lockdown. With Rolls Royce and British Airways announcing mass redundancies, unemployment rates mounting, job markets decreasing and new implications on the way we work, we have been asked by our clients if we can offer support to employees now facing the job market. There is no way to make devastating statistics like this appear positive. With the unemployment statistics rising, we can understand how many businesses are utilising the government’s new furlough scheme or nobly paying salaries from their own pocket’s however, sometimes redundancies are unavoidable.

So how can employers support their staff when making this tough decision? By providing individuals with the toolkit to work through personal hurdles and be able to approach the job market and with the skills to confidently move to new pastures.

The term is coined ‘Outplacement’ and is a pro-active service offered to employees to assist them with approaching the most competitive job market that we have seen for decades. This isn’t just about finding that employee a job, it is about setting them up with a better focus regarding the next steps into the job market whilst maintaining morale and the organisation’s culture within the remaining workforce by achieving positive outcomes with those exiting the business.

Outplacement can offer exiting employees key skills in establishing their personal brand, job searching, CV writing and successful interviewing. By covering the whole process start to finish, this can assist them in securing a new role as soon as possible and to give them the confidence to leave a current role in the strongest possible position. In today’s climate, it is also important to offer support and signposts to experts in finance, mental health and wellbeing in what can be an incredibly stressful situation.

By ensuring that your employees are immediately focusing on their careers, rather than their frustrations at being let go, you’ll substantially reduce the negative impact on your professional reputation. In today’s climate, disgruntled employees who are upset about a redundancy aren’t just complaining to friends and family. They’re posting on social media and doing tangible damage to your employer brand in the process. This can prove incredibly difficult when restarting business ventures once the economy recovers and you wish to attract top talent.

More specifically, outplacement empowers your employees once they have left the company and gives them the tools to define their passions and make their next steps.

At Oyster, we are currently offering bespoke outplacement services in the form of virtual seminars and 1 to 1 skill-sharing sessions to ensure exiting employees feel supported and give them the confidence to make their next career choice. 

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27th May 2020

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