What Not to Say at Interview

Job interviews are crucial moments that can shape your career and knowing what not to say is just as important as knowing what to say. The most common reason why a candidate would fail a job interview is a lack of understanding of the role – followed by poor people skills and showed no enthusiasm. Below are a few things to avoid saying during interviews to make a positive impression and increase your chances of success🙊

😰 “I’m really nervous.”

Stay confident and composed as expressing excessive nervousness can raise doubts about your ability to handle pressure.

🤷‍♀️ “I don’t know much about your company.” 🤔 “What does this company do again?”

Do your research beforehand. Showing a lack of knowledge implies disinterest and insufficient preparation. Be well informed about the company’s products, services, and mission. Show your enthusiasm by asking insightful questions….. (follow us for more information on this next week!)

😡 “I hated my previous job/boss/colleagues”

Avoid any negative comments about past experiences. Focus on what you learned and how you grew professionally.

😫 “I just need a job, any job.”

Demonstrate genuine interest in the specific role you’re applying for. Employers want committed individuals, not someone desperate for any job.

🚫 “I don’t have any weaknesses.”

Acknowledge your weaknesses and highlight how you’re actively addressing them. Employers appreciate self-awareness and a growth mindset.

🚶‍♀️ “I’m just looking for a steppingstone.”

Express dedication to the role you’re interviewing for. Employers want long-term contributors, not someone treating the job as a mere steppingstone.

By avoiding certain phrases or topics, you can significantly increase your chances of making a positive impression on potential employers. Remember to thoroughly research, stay positive, and demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the position and the company.

39% of interviewing candidates make it through to the final interview stage. More than half of all candidates are rejected at the first interview stage.

Good luck! 🍀

Stay tuned for next weeks blog on questions you SHOULD ask at a job interview  💡


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6th July 2023

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