Writing Your CV – Top Tips

A few tips from our very own expert Kelly Riseam, if you are putting pen to paper and need direction to get started!

Having been a Recruitment Administrator for many years I have seen plenty of CV’s and have become somewhat of an expert on the good… the bad ……….and the ugly. 😊

This may be your only opportunity to show your skill set to your future employer so always take time to create or update your CV.  Writing your CV is a positive task and gives you the chance to demonstrate your skills and work experience and show your future employer why they should want to employ you over anyone else.

So, what does make a good CV? Here are some of my TOP TIPS…….

Remember to always use factual information and be 100% truthful of what you did/do in previous roles. You could easily be caught out and you may find yourself struggling to do a job you are not qualified to do or being dismissed as you are unable to perform.

Good luck writing your CV! If you need any help please contact us at Oyster Recruitment.

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17th May 2023

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